Industry, Trade/ Commerce

Entrepreneurial activity is constantly accompanied by complex emergency situations. It is of capital importance (/crucial) to recognise emergency situations and take the right actions that implement the optimal insurance concept for your business. Avoiding, reducing and preventing risks fall within this scope. We recognize, identify and evaluate the risks and provide advice on efficient and cost-optimal handling. In the event of case of loss, we take care of representing our clients in the optimal settlement of claims.

Insurance of residential buildings

Overall, with the insurance of over 1.000.000 homes, real estate funds and construction projects, the Funk Group is the market leader in Germany. To insure the housing stock of housing cooperatives, resident communities and local governments, the Funk Group has developed a wide range of insurance concepts. In addition, investment firms may face special risks during construction (for example: design, construction and control risks). We offer custom solutions also in these cases. In the case of major construction projects, huge investment amounts are concentrated. Successful project management is influenced by plenty of factors, even minor differences can endanger the success of the entire project. These special concepts of the Funk Group – considering the dangers of the whole project – offer efficient and cost-effective solutions to cover the risks.

Insurance concepts for local governments

Alongside numerous settlements and urban institutions, the Funk Group was involved in building the German federal government district in Berlin. With our special concepts we have developed a first-class insurance protection. In the European Union, all public institutions are obligated to apply for tenders for insurance contracts when crossing a certain limit of amounts. The Funk Group has the necessary know-how, relevant experience and routine, and has successfully contributed to a number of processes.

Associations, federations, chambers

The Funk Group has contributed to (/been involved in) shaping the insurance concepts of industry, construction, health, legal and economic advisers, transport and other economic sectors for several years. We are a competent partner of associations, federations and chambers because we know our customers. Working together with the organizations and their members, a close working relationship forms, that benefits targeted and creative collaboration.

Health care

In hospitals, as well as in the health and social care institutions, the maintenance of the individual departments is the most important aspect for the care of the patients. Prevention and protection contribute to identifying and reducing potential risks. Effective Risk Management, efficient insurance solutions and adequate risk transfer are inevitable for (collaterals of) a responsible risk policy in these institutions. We are the partner you can trust in these challenges: as a health insurance consultant, and as a partner of hospitals, technical (professional) and social institutes.