Risk counselling

We analyse and evaluate operational and personal risks (risk summary) and offer proposals for tailor-made insurance solutions and necessary risk transfer.

Insurance concept

The needs and the capabilities of our customers require ad-hoc deliberation, which results in a unique risk transfer concept and customer-tailored insurance solutions. By combining the techniques and products of insurance and financial markets, we are developing solutions that would not be possible with traditional risk-transfer models. The scale of solution opportunities ranges from keeping risks to captive models.

Insurance mediation and contract management

We take care of placing the risks on the insurance and capital markets as well as the administration and update of insurance protection. In addition, we provide quality service for claims.


We provide counseling and accompanying services for insurance tenders that have evolved into complex areas of legal and professional knowledge in recent years. We perform tasks for the tenderer related to the execution of the process, always in accordance with the interests of the decision-maker.

Risk Management

We design and build a complete, modern Risk Management system for corporate planning and management. In accordance with the directives of the European Union, corporate sectors need to adapt corporate risk management systems. In the future – as required-, banks and insurance companies will also consider the use of these systems when pricing their services. Based on the capital adequacy regulation known as Basel II, companies that do not adapt adequate risk management or are at high risk, face much higher interest expenses. The conditions of corporate insurances will be greatly influenced by the quality of the used corporate risk management system. In some countries of the European Union, companies that do not have an adequate risk management system face the risk of being unable to buy adequate insurance cover at all. The Funk Group, which is a system solution provider, is also an adviser to expanded Risk Management services. In collaboration with RMCE RiskCon Gmbh, Funk Group provides customers with a software solution that meets modern and integrated risk management requirements. Risiko-Kompass assists companies in building a functioning Risk-Management system and at improving the existing components at an appropriate level. The computer program also performs the analysis, management and evaluation of the risks. With this rating, the company can make the necessary changes in the risk management system.